Being Asia’s regional business network, Hong Kong boasts a vibrant and diverse service sector. Many service establishments have followed their patrons and set up in Hong Kong. They have found that the place is the ideal location from which to service clients based across the region, and especially those in Mainland China.

Hong Kong is home to 71 of the world’s 100 largest banks and numerous investment houses and insurance companies. This produces substantial opportunities for management consulting in the fields of corporate strategy, organizational structure, finance management, information technology and product development.

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We are a global company with native Chinese professionals, who can give you the best results for your business opportunities in Hongkong. Whether you are a foreign buyer, seller, investor or just travelers to Hongkong for pleasure, we can help you to get what you want and realize your dreams with the best possible results.

We at Cosmo recognize individual foreigner’s needs in seeking out various business opportunities in Hongkong. We are here to support you for all your foreign business needs and even customize solutions because it is our main objective, to help increase your sales and get business success on the go.
Cosmo provides every foreign businessman with an excellent one-stop of international business services to those wishing to do business or do touring in Hongkong. We offer consultancy and step-by-step assistance to guide you along your path to success while in Hongkong. As professional natives of Hongkong, you can greatly rely on us to help you out of your pre-planning, planning, and post-planning phases in working out your dreams to reality.

It is our objective is to make things happen for our clients. We are more than happy to see you rise in greater heights of success as we deliverresults, and support you with the various opportunities in Hongkong that you can enjoy time here while increasing profitability and attaining higher return on your investment.

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We are a group of experienced business professionals specializing in consulting American companies for opportunities anywhere in Asia including greater China.

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