Cosmo is an international expert company handling and managing your trading platform in both B2B and B2C relations. We have native Chinese professionals, who can understand and adjust to the demands of Hongkongand global markets.

Cosmo top notch global business partners and our business professionals can provide you with the state-of-the art e-commerce solutions to keep your business running smoothly beyond the competitive edge. We provide the total business solution package in both the B2B and B2C online marketing strategies.

Cosmo deals with leveraging your business to be a leader in the competition. We do not just focus on the current market condition. Our e-commerce experts analyze the past, present and future trend of your business. We can support your business on a greater global scale and increase your sales even more with our e-commerce all-in-one solution.

Cosmo World Export is a group of experienced business professionals consulting American companies for opportunities anywhere in Asia. We are committed to providing our clients the access to the Asian markets. Hongkong has one of the best features in Asia and has been attractive to the international market for consecutive years.

Our team has the expertise and knowledge of Hongkong’s market. We can provide you our services to cater your property needs.

Why consider investing in Hongkong?

Hong Kong’s appeal is threefold: it is a dynamic city with strong growing prospects; it is a access to opportunities in Mainland China; and it is a regional base for expansion across Asia. Stable, business-friendly and cosmopolitan.

Hong Kong has a simple, predictable and low tax system. The city only imposes three direct taxes namely: Profit tax, Salaries Tax, and Property Tax. Filing taxes is straightforward. Most importantly, Hongkong does not impose taxes on sales (VAT), withholding, capital gain, tax on dividends, and estate tax.

High quality infrastructure is essential to the efficient operations of any business. Hong Kong offers one of the most advanced business infrastructures in the world, including efficient and convenient local and regional transport, world-class telecommunications and connectivity, and world-leading sea and air cargo system.


We can help you in looking out for the best properties in Hongkong without having to spend a huge deal of money. If you are looking out for an alternative office, we can provide you the Virtual Office. Virtual Office allows small and medium businesses to benefit from all the advantages of a prestigious address, landline phone numbers and team support without committing to dedicated office space.

We can provide you the necessary assistance from your business location, telecommunications to professional support. Virtual Office is a globally-friendly solution which fits the needs of an international investor.


Whether you want a fully equipped, IT-enabled workspace for one person or an entire team, we can serve you with our serviced office solution. We can assist you in managing offices, providing business centers, executive suites or executive around Hongkong.

We can provide fully-serviced prestigious offices and lease term is flexible at least of 1 month. Our solution includes professional in-house support team, part-time or full-time serviced office space in any location. This solution has inclusions of the industries’ best leading IT and communications infrastructure. Your success is our success, and we are here to provide you to reach your ultimate potential.

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We are a group of experienced business professionals specializing in consulting American companies for opportunities anywhere in Asia including greater China.

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