Cosmo World Export provides solutions to investors to maximize their stay in the country. We can offer you the necessary assistance; educate you on the benefits, privileges, rights, and services through our first-class and exclusive immigration and airport services combining with business benefits and leisure.

Be sure to take note of the following:

Visa Exemptions for Visitors

There are guidelines to be followed and documents to be prepared before you board the plane bound for the “Asia’s World City”. Citizens of certain countries are exempted from needing a tourist visa for Hongkong, maximum of either 15, 30 or 90 days. The length of the permitted visa-free period depends on each person’s nationality and mode of entry into Hongkong. As a visitor without a visa, you are not allowed to work or go to school in Hong Kong.

Employment Visas

If you move to Hong Kong for job-related reasons, you need to apply for a visa under the General Employment Policy.

A visa under the GEP scheme is usually issued only for a specified period of time. In order to be eligible, you must already have a confirmed job offer.

In your visa application, you’ll include a statement by your potential employer describing the open position. When assessing your application, the Immigration Department is likely to rule in your favor if the following criteria apply:

  • You have a graduate degree as well as the necessary professional experience for the position.
  • Your salary and other working conditions are comparable to local standards.
  • You will contribute to the local economy in general.
  • The company can prove that they have found no local to fill this particular position.

Work-Related Immigration

If you have obtained a degree in Hong Kong, you fall under the so-called Immigration Arrangements for Non-Local Graduates. With this program, you can apply to stay in the city within six months of your graduation. Then your stay will be extended for up to one year, and you can look for local employment.

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