"We are a group of experienced business professionals specializing in consulting American companies for opportunities anywhere in Asia including greater China."


Cosmo is a successful, long established privately held international exporting company, headquartered in Honolulu with representatives in San Diego, Hong Kong and Manila.

Its function is to successfully introduce US and European firms to markets in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and China through careful chosen strategies with adaptive tactics to the changing business conditions.

Why have so many businesses chosen Hong Kong as a market?

The Hong Kong Government tells their story best.

Increasing your sales Success is Our Business

Only an Asian can have such a deep understanding of the Asian Market To be a competitive enterprise, you must have access to resources and the management competency to make your product grow effectively and efficiently. We at Cosmo have a sustainable network of consultants equipped with the skills. Our knowledge on the food industry gives you credible and significant account on the emerging growth areas in the developing markets in Asia. We know that most buying and bulk product distribution for consumer products is done today through chain stores. The main types of chain stores are: Department Store, Discount Store, Warehouse Club, Catalog Store, Mail Order Store, Specialty Store and the Drug Stores. Every mass manufacturer in the world wants to sell their products in volume this way.



Ireland represents a strategic European base due to its pro-business, low corporate tax, and skilled workforce. With the UK exiting Europe, it will be the only native English speaking country in Europe and also benefits geographically and historically from trade with the UK,


Thailand indulges a strategic location being at the heart of Asia. Also, the country serves as a gateway to Southeast Asia countries or ASEAN, which is home to more than 600 million, and the Greater Mekong Sub-region, where includes China and is rising markets…

New Zealand

New Zealanders or informally known as Kiwis, are friendly and down-to-earth people who embrace the spirit of hospitality. With a patchwork history of Māori, European, Pacific Island, and Asian influences,…


Portugal may be a small country, but it absolutely packs a lot within its frontiers. Portugal or officially the Portuguese Republic show recovery though slow, and its growth prospects continue positively for 2020 with the 19th Best Quality of Life in the world for 2005.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most prominent and preferred destinations from immigration perspectives. Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy composed of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Hong Kong

Being Asia’s regional business network, Hong Kong boasts a vibrant and diverse service sector. Many service establishments have followed their patrons and set up in Hong Kong. They have found that the place is the ideal location from which to service clients based across the region, and especially those in Mainland China.

Sourcing Asia

Phase 1

Product Sourcing

  • CSS can help you source any required product from Consumer Goods to Heavy Machinery from all over Asia.
  • Some of the major areas that CSS sources the products are Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India but no country in Asia is out of bounds.

Phase 2

Product Sourcing

Custom Manufacturing
  • CSS can also assist you in manufacturing your custom designed product with your provided specification.
  • CSS will help you by preparing contracts, confidentiality & exclusivity agreements in order to protect your designed products & intellectual property.
Product Development
  • CSS closely works with your supplier in order to develop your desired product.
  • We have our own team of Product Development Engineers, IT Engineers & Technicians who monitor the factory’s work & yield the best results.
Quality Control
  • Our team involves highly skilled professional Inspectors to perform all types of Quality Control Inspections for your products.
  • The Quality Control Inspections are conducted during different phases i.e., Pre-Production Inspection, During Production Inspection, Final Random Inspection & Loading Supervision.

Contract Manufacturing

Who We Are?

We are a leading provider of world-class contract manufacturing services in China. We have a proven track record of finishing perplexing and intricate projects on time and within budget. We have a team of high-caliber engineering and manufacturing support teams who have extensive experience in the field of contract manufacturing across a wide array of industries and markets. Whether your company is involved in consumer products, medical equipment, semiconductors, chemical, solar or personal care, we can provide you with top-notch contract manufacturing services. We are your trusted contract manufacturing partner!

What We Do?

At COSMO MANUFACTURING SERVICE, we provide highly sought-after contract manufacturing services to a plethora of industries worldwide. Our team of dependable, versatile, and validated manufacturing support teams provide innovative solutions to the specific manufacturing needs of your company. Whether your company is just starting out or it’s a large established firm, we are here to assist you in designing, manufacturing, or packaging your products with expertise, clear understanding, patent protection, and utmost confidentiality. We are your trusted contract manufacturing partner!

Intelligent Export

Expand Your Customer Base. Grow Your Exports

Cosmo Business Marketing Services:

  • Opening New Markets
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Customer Management
  • Foreign Sales Support
  • Sales Email Broadcast
  • Market and Price Research
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Business Phone Support
  • Streamline your Marketing Initiatives

QC Inspections Services

Quality Control in China

The infamous statement “Made in China” can elicit almost as diverse a range of emotions as the span of products laying claim to it. Most Chinese factories have no shortage of customers and so are not looking for longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships. Instead making as much money as possible from each transaction is the mentality etched into the psyche of the typical Chinese employee.

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