Business and Lifestyle Opportunity in Portugal

Portugal and the Portuguese People

Portugal may be a small country, but it absolutely packs a lot within its frontiers. Portugal or officially the Portuguese Republic show recovery though slow, and its growth prospects continue positively for 2020 with the 19th Best Quality of Life in the world for 2005. The 2019, The Internations Expat Insider Survey ranked Portugal the 1st for quality of life. According to the latest Global Peace Index (GPI), by the Institute for Economics & Peace, Portugal remains the 3rd safest country in the world where English is widely spoken, as well as being ranked the safest country in the European Union in 2020.

Portugal is one of the most family-friendly countries in Europe. The climate in Portugal is the best in Europe with hot summers and wet winters offering relief to residents and beautiful, affordable, and spacious properties.

Living in Portugal

The cost of living is unquestionably low such as in the year 2019, a pleasant apartment in a popular part of a larger city comes in at under €1,123. Retiring somewhere hot, affordable, and beautiful, then retirement in Portugal is probably going to fit the bill. Recently, Forbes Magazine ranked the best countries to live the retirement (and not only) after the outbreak of COVID-19. Similarly, cheap accommodation, good internet access, an abundance of co-working spaces, and a thriving digital community are also a destination of choice for millennials or digital nomads.

Portugal Economics and Exports

In 2018 Portugal was the number 46 economy in the world in terms of GDP (current US$), the number 44 in total exports. Portuguese textile, clothing, footwear, leather, and agricultural products, e.g., olive oil, wine, liquor, cheese, and home products, are well-known globally. For example, in the textile, clothing and footwear industry is concentrated geographically in the north of the country, with workers who are known for their flexibility, fast answer capability, and know-how.

COSMO WORLD EXPORT can help you to invest, to set up a business and to migrate in Portugal…

We are international company with the native Portuguese professionals, who can give you the best solutions for your business opportunities in Portugal. Whether you are a foreign buyer, seller, investor or just travellers to Portugal for pleasure, we can help you to get what you want and achieve your dreams with the best possible results.

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Intelligent Export Marketing Services

Expand Your Customer Base. Grow Your Exports.

Cosmo Business Marketing Services:

  • Sales Negotiations
  • Customer Management
  • Foreign Sales Support
  • Sales Email Broadcast
  • Market and Price Research
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Business Phone Support
  • Streamline your Marketing Initiatives

Intelligent Export Marketing

Through cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics. We can help Portuguese suppliers to provide their organization with an “Intelligent Export Marketing” system that can:

  • Streamline your marketing initiatives
  • Maximize and broaden your customer base
  • Close more sales and generate higher revenue

Foreign Export Marketing

Deploying various tools and processes, our Foreign Export Marketing Program promotes a proven export marketing approach, covering areas such as:

  • Customer Relations Management
  • Customer Database Management
  • Trade Show Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Product Presentations
  • Website Development
  • Overall Branding and Positioning
  • Online and training support

Cosmo Export Marketing Services is proud to offer you the best and broadest in export marketing.

Combined with our total customer support, Cosmo provides our ministry, retail and, corporate clients with a comprehensive program of delivering your messages by effective email marketing campaigns giving you an advantage in your marketing and communications efforts — guaranteed!

Whether you are seeking to send a simple, informative newsletter to your email list or are determined to launch the most creative and sophisticated direct marketing and communication campaigns, Cosmo E-Marketing’s features will continually exceed your expectations. GROW YOUR COMMUNITY! BUILD NEW CONTACTS!

Sourcing in Portugal


Cosmo World Export has over 30 years’ experience. We are located in various countries throughout the world, headquartered in Honolulu with representatives in Thailand, San Diego, Hong Kong, India, and Manila. The company’s experience to deliver by our strong supply chain, technology, devotion to innovation, and a disciplined approach to managing a current business.


To reduce challenges in your project and to increase your import success, we provide wide ranges of services from translation, order coordination, quality control and import cost management systems in addition to shortlisting a supplier, which may be your primary objective. We could provide you with catalogs so that you could pre-select the items to buy. Depending on your choices, we organize logistics and sets of factories for carrying out purchases, helping with the negotiation and communication processes services. We also work as direct purchasing intermediaries, monitor the investment you have made, seek, and select the best quality and price you.

Product Development

Closely works with your supplier in order to develop your desired product. Monitor the factory’s work & yield the best results by our own team of Product Development Engineers, IT Engineers & Technicians.

Custom Manufacturing

Assist you in manufacturing your custom designed product with your provided specification. Help you by preparing contracts, confidentiality & exclusivity agreements in order to protect your designed products & intellectual property.

Quality Control

Our team involves highly skilled professional Inspectors to perform all types of Quality Control Inspections for your products. The Quality Control Inspections are conducted during different phases i.e., Pre-Production Inspection, During Production Inspection, Final Random Inspection & Loading Supervision.

Do you already have a supplier?

If you already met a supplier at a Trade Show or via a B2B Portal, you could still get all the benefits of the One-Stop Sourcing Service. Many of our clients nominate their suppliers, and we leverage our expertise and resources on the ground to ensure their best interests. We have represented them on the ground in Thailand.


Reduce Overheads & Operations Risk High operating costs, staff attrition, and corruption are the main challenges to the effectiveness of small International Procurement Offices (IPOs) below ten staff members. Through outsourcing your IPO to Cosmo World Export, you can immediately reduce your overheads, reduce staffing risk, and the risk of corruption while gaining access to the Cosmo’s Sourcing network and expertise. Increase Productivity & Capabilities For any IPO capability to execute process productively is key to effectively sourcing goods and services. Within a small IPO, developing and retaining the scope of category expertise and consistently following rigorous procedures is a challenge. Procurement Outsourcing with Cosmo gives you access to a broader category of knowledge and strong process capabilities. Flexible Global Network of Operations A typical mistake for internal IPOs is limiting the sourcing to the country where the IPO is based instead of conducting exact global supply. As states’ relative competitive advantages shift rapidly, this leads directly to reduced competitive advantage. Through Procurement Outsourcing, you gain access to a flexible global network of operations experienced in conducting regional and global sourcing operations.

Our Approach

Strategic Sourcing Foundation Cosmo World Export Sourcing Solution’s methodology aims to rapidly demonstrate savings to the bottom line whilst being highly analytical to make objective supplier selection decisions. For the Benefit of the Buying Organization Our business model is to work exclusively for the benefit of the buyer with no preferred relationship with any of the suppliers. In this way, we are totally focused towards achieving our client’s objectives and continuously improving their procurement performance. Complete Transparency & Auditability We share all supplier information with complete transparency to build strong relationships built on trust and reliability. All supplier interactions are documented and are available to be audited.


  • Complete Check of the factory background, viz., production standards & capacity, certifications, credentials & so forth.
  • Arrangement of the Samples for your convenience.
  • Get the best Quotation from multiple suppliers.
  • Closely examine the goods throughout the production.
  • Arrangement of the shipments for delivery.