Product Sourcing

• We can help you source any required product from Consumer Goods to Heavy Machinery from all over Asia.

• Some of the major areas that we source the products from are Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India, but no country in Asia is out of bounds.


  • We can also assist you in manufacturing your custom designed product with your provided specifications.
  • We will help you by preparing contracts, confidentiality & exclusivity agreements in order to protect your designed products & intellectual property.

Product Development

  • We will work closely with your supplier to develop your desired product.
  • We have our own team of Product Development Engineers, IT Engineers & Technicians who monitor the factory’s work & yield the best results.

Quality Control

  • Our team involves highly skilled professional Inspectors who perform all types of Quality Control Inspections for your products.
  • The Quality Control Inspections are conducted in different phases i.e., Pre-Production Inspection, During Production Inspection, Final Random Inspection & Loading Supervision.

Why Us in INDIA? Things to Remember when looking for a Procurement Company

  • Does the company provide an end-to-end sourcing service that includes supplier identification and prequalification, quotation management, auditing, product development and testing; contracting and supplier selection, QC management, logistics management, payment and supplier development?
  • Has the team developed expertise to integrate effectively with the procurement process of your organization and do they have knowledge of the categories that need to be sourced?
  • Will the company be able to offset risks and barriers associated with low-cost sourcing and also be able to convince an organization to change suppliers from a traditional base in high-cost countries to a new base in low-cost countries?
  • Do you believe that the team has the necessary project management and communication skills required to interact with your buyers and other key stakeholders in your company to gain their confidence?  Sourcing companies operating in this country take sufficient precaution in procuring materials or trained manpower. Leveraging experienced staff at a procurement service company is a potentially attractive strategy to mitigate these risks and ensure sourcing success.


  • Complete Check of the factory background, viz., production standards & capacity, certifications, credentials & so forth.
  • Arrangement of the Samples for your convenience.
  • Get the best Quotation from multiple suppliers.
  • Closely examine the goods throughout the production.
  • Arrangement of the shipments for delivery

Our Approach

Strategic Sourcing Foundation

Cosmo Sourcing Solution’s methodology aims to rapidly demonstrate savings to the bottom line whilst being highly analytical to make objective supplier selection decisions.

For the Benefit of the Buying Organization

Our business model is to work exclusively for the benefit of the buyer with no preferred relationship with any of the suppliers. In this way, we are totally focused towards achieving our client’s objectives and continuously improving their procurement performance.

Complete Transparency & Auditability

We share all supplier information with complete transparency to build strong relationships based on trust and reliability. All supplier interactions are documented and are available to be audited.

What These Companies Do

  • Source potential vendors and negotiate pricing
  • Monitor sampling and facilitate product approval
  • Process export orders and ensure quality from sampling to shipment
  • Communicate and coordinate all sourcing activities

cosmo world export

As a leading sourcing company in India, we exclusively fulfil the sourcing needs of our clients by providing end-to-end strategic sourcing solutions.

We have built a highly stable network of suppliers and have helped globally renowned companies gain a competitive edge in the industry, resulting in an increased market share. Backed by a wide network of logistics partners and an authentic supplier database, we boost ourselves as a reliable Product Sourcing Agency from India.

Your involvement in the sourcing process will be to share requirements, review quotes, review sample and receive timely delivery of goods. We will take care of the rest; process of getting quotes, evaluating factories and managing the complexities of manufacturing and shipping all through a single reliable partner.

Advantages of hiring cosmo world export for your sourcing needs

  • Experience of managing various types of products
  • Transparent sourcing process
  • Wide coverage with teams in Delhi and other cities
  • Knowledge of the work culture and its languages
  • A large network of trusted suppliers
  • Qualified suppliers
  • Effective process to control costs
  • Team management
  • On-site regular inspections during production
  • Quality Process adherence
  • Development of new products
  • Improvement of current products
  • Handling of logistics

cosmo world export working methodology

1. Study the product required for sourcing
2. Produce a Product Specification Sheet
3. Product Validation
4. Identify 10 – 15 Potential Suppliers
5. Narrow the search to 5 after due diligence
6. Place Sample Orders
7. Negotiate
8. Identify Your Key Supplier
9. Produce Production Requirements & Purchase Agreements
10. Make Initial Payment
11. Maintain Weekly Production Updates
12. Organize Freight Forwarder Collection
13. Quality Control
14. Shipment

Our research experts and managers are committed towards helping our clients throughout the investment phase and help in adopting the right sourcing strategy for the business. Our strategic sourcing team believes in providing valuable insight and guidance to achieve the most successful and desired rewards. To ensure uninterrupted supply we exhaust our database and competitive intelligence to create multiple supply options so that efficiency and effectiveness are not compromised.