QC Inspection Services

Quality Control in China

Quality Control in China

The infamous statement “Made in China” can elicit almost as diverse a range of emotions as the span of products laying claim to it. Most Chinese factories have no shortage of customers and so are not looking for longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships. Instead making as much money as possible from each transaction is the mentality etched into the psyche of the typical Chinese employee.

Unearthing a reliable and trustworthy Chinese factory can be a laborious, expensive and extremely painful process. Corruption and bribery of inspectors is another major problem in China, clients need to find an agency that is looking out for the best interest of their company. Ask anyone who has had the experience of buying or trying to buy products from China and you’re likely to hear of at least one “horror story”.

Why Cosmo?

Cosmo World Export has been exporting products from China for almost 40 years and have yet to return a “product not found” reply to a customer. However, finding a supplier is the fastest and easiest part of the procurement process; finding a suitable, qualified, reliable supplier is an entirely different thing. To ensure quality, thorough inspection is necessary during every stage of product manufacture and shipping.

Cosmo World Export has developed a streamlined systematic approach based mainly on, German and Japanese project management standards that ensures maximum quality at the best price. We provide a customer-oriented experience regardless of order size. We have hired, trained and manage inspectors who we hold to the highest standards. Cosmo World Export has two German engineers with more than 25 years’ experience in this industry. We also have a pre-shipment quality testing department, which can test the quality of the product prior to its shipment. Questions and problems can be discussed directly with our German engineers and decisions can be made right away. Our staff is extremely flexible and can be reached 24 hours a day by phone or Skype.

Inspection Service

Cosmo engineers have a rich experience in product design, manufacturing, quality control and logistics. Below is a brief outline of the products and industries we regularly work with, as well as the standards and ethics we guarantee.

Product Categories

  • Fabric, Garments and Footwear
  • Sporting Goods
  • Electronics and Household electrical products
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Premiums
  • Tools, hardware & DIY products
  • Ceramics, Glass & Cookware
  • Office Supplies

Quality Service

  • Ongoing inspections throughout the production lifecycle
  • Transparent inspection process
  • Reporting within 24 hours of inspection
  • Report will contain clear photos taken on site
  • Short inspection booking time (3 days prior the inspection day)
  • Independent service of utmost integrity
  • Experienced Inspectors & Auditors (all over 5 years’ experience)


  • All employees sign an Ethics agreement
  • Code of Ethics policy prohibits acceptance of gifts, payment or benefit in
  • any form, direct or indirect.
  • Dedicated Integrity Inspector and Auditor Team reporting directly to the Management
  • Systematic rotation of field staff
  • Random telephone audits to factories
  • Surprise field audits
  • Formal complaint / claim investigation procedures
    Best Service Program