Making it Happen


Making it Happen

Preparation (for market entry) After product acquisition, we can also help by recommending and directly introducing your company to the most appropriate and reputable local agents who have distribution networks in place to sell your products.

Execution (doing it right the first time)

Shipping, warehousing and localization then follow with the aid of proper marketing before distribution is made to the local agents. Performing and supplying localization works best when done in Asia to appeal to the local markets and conditions in the target language; our staff are masters at generating the most appealing sales collateral, additional web spur pages to your corporate site, while English native speakers from our Hong Kong office handles the language, cultural and printing tasks Working with your headquarters personnel, we can coordinate your important product lifecycle milestones and events into a local annual marketing calendar and make the most of every promotional dollar allocated within your budget.

Updates (and reporting)

Sales progress and full accounting is then carefully monitored with regular reports and video-conferencing with the latest online tools. Course adjustments can then be instantly decided and acted upon as conditions change. We can even feed your MRP systems with the data it needs in the format required, just as if we were internally employed directly as your staff, if this is what you want.